Why Dirliebane?

(It's Scots for funny bone!)

Dirliebane Theatre Company creates clown theatre performances for children, young people and their families.

Our shows involve gentle, character clowning that creates naïve, optimistic, fun, light, strong characters that children and young people can engage with. We develop our shows with the help of children and young people to access and explore their thoughts and experiences at key stages in their lives.

We have created and toured two productions – BIG (for nursery children transitioning to Primary 1, created in 2016) and SPACE (for Primary 7s transitioning to High School,  created in 2018). We toured BIG and SPACE in 2019, and will be touring both again April to June 2020.


“That was perfect. It was a perfect show. There is nothing else out there like it. The children loved it. You were the kids and they were you.” Deputy Head on BIG