Our Sounds

Our sound adventures were created for children and young people with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities).  

Each Sound Adventure will take you on a different emotional journey – there may be smiles, giggles, frowns and scowls! Our aim is to stimulate and engage. All you need is a quiet space to listen. 


They were created with the help and expertise from children and young people from the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh and CHAS (Childrens Hospices Across Scotland), as well as using the development and creation of our BOUNCE films as inspiration.  







Creative Team 

Fiona Ferrier, Rachel Colles and Susan Appelbe

A big thank you to…

Clare Walker and the staff and children from the Royal Blind School

Staff and families from Childrens Hospices Across Scotland

  • Sound Adventure #1 –Elephantine Excitement
  • Sound Adventure #2 –Fretful frustration
  • Sound Adventure #3 –Tender Tears 

Created with funding from

The Arthur and Margaret Thompson Trust